It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now.

What Do I See When I Look In The Mirror?

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’’m still under the weather and nearly out of spoons for today, but I saved one last spoon for the What I See Project! Founded by Edwina Dunn, What I See is a not-for-profit project to help empower women – through answering the beguilingly simple question, “What do

Why I stopped engaging with plus size media

Pretending you’re a model is all fun and games till someone gets hurt Considering that my chosen profession is firmly set in writerly realms now, it might seem strange that a few years ago, it was my life’s ambition to become a model. Infact, I had been harbouring those dreams since I was a teenager,

On the necessity for real world fat communities

 Big Beach Bums, Brighton, 2011 Yesterday’s conversation with Marianne on Twitter got me thinking about the necessity for in person fat meets. Here are some of my thoughts, and an idea.  Before I went to Uni at the tender age of 19, I was the fattest person I had ever known. As a teenager, I

Dieting as privilege

An image comparing my visible, unintentional weightloss in less than a month.  **EDIT: I am not going to respond to comments on this post anymore, positive or negative. I think I have mentioned my mental health quite a few times on this blog, and elsewhere, so it’s hardly a secret, and I had a bad