It was hard letting go of summer this year. But it’s finally freezing here in the UK, and I am digging out my woolly coats from storage. Usually I welcome the arrival of Autumn because coats! Winter hats! Boots! But this year I really wanted to enjoy summer more. But now that the cold is finally here and sometimes the smell of leaves being burned hits me from nowhere, reminding me of home, I am finally going to try and accept that Autumn is here to stay. I bought my first winter coat of this year a week or so ago, at Primark. It’s a red military number, which is unusual for me, since I don’t own a single red coat (everything is either navy, or mustard or some shade  of blue). Usually I go through a couple of winter coats each season (by going through, I don’t mean that they get destroyed, just that I get tired of them!) but there are old standbys like my vintage Rothschild coat which I cling to with the covetousness of an old miser. Today was the perfect Autumn day - all crisp and cool with a chilly wind blowing and it reminded me of all the things I associate with the season - fireworks, homesickness and falling in love. Autumn makes me want to lie in the mellowing sun and fall asleep with its rays on my face. It really is the reason of procrastination. I don’t know if anyone noticed it on Twitter, but I bastardized the first couplet of ‘To Autumn’, which is one of my favourite poems, a few days ago:

Season of naps and sleepy wakefulness!

Close bosom friend of procrastination,

Conspiring with it to leave to rest

Half read texts and my dissertation. 

Yes, please feel free to come at me with an axe now. But that is the current story of my life. So as an aid to procrastination, I thought I might show you my top 10 fashion wants this season (and a bonus one!)  

Please do note that I wear a size 18 and this is my personal wishlist. There are a few plus size items here, but not all. Thanks :) 

1. ASOS Curve coat: The moment I saw this coat I wanted to cry because it was in Curve and Curve doesn’t go down to a 18. But then I saw that apparently these days it does! I really hope this doesn’t mean that they are thinking of removing the 18 from their main collection though. Every year I have to have a new mustard coat. In 2010, it was the Ben Sherman peacoat, last year it was my New Look peacoat and I am determined that this year it shall be this one. 

2. Accessorize beret: I sort of fell in love with this beret when I saw it in store but I bought my red hat from Dalena Vintage a week or so ago. Still, this is a very good example of the kind of thing I have been wanting this winter. 

3. NW3 fox belt: Stags and foxes and rabbits - it’s almost Game of Thrones season in fashion this year! The fox motif is really really in right now, but in lieu of finding a fox dress/top/jumper that I like and can fit into, this fox belt from NW3 will do very well indeed. 

4. F&F 60s dress: I don’t know what has happened to me this year but I seem to be deviating from my usual script of flared skirts and going for 60s inspired shifts instead. Of course the best thing would be to find an actual mod shift from the 60s! 

5. Pieces suede gloves: Last two winters I bought red leather gloves as my winter gloves, but this time, the pastel pink really caught my eye! 

6. ASOS rabbit bag: Rabbit motifs, like foxes are incredibly in at the moment, and this bag is burgundy as well - two trends in one ago and it’s something I will love for years to come. 

7. Gold oxfords: This winter (actually since last summer) I refuse to wear anything except metallic shoes. I got silver sandals for the summer, so it must be gold oxfords for the winter. These ones are from ebay. 

8. ASOS mod shift: Yet another mod dress. It;s navy, has a multicoloured peter pan collar and cuffs and buttons to match. What’s not to love?

9. Cat print cardi: I am all about the animal motifs this  season and this cardigan reminds me of a horse print one that I saw at TKMaxx earlier this month but which I couldn’t buy. This is cuter though! 

10. Accessorize cat socks: Again, the cats. Would you believe I’m actually a dog person?! I got pretty similar squirrel socks from Accessorize last month but I want these too! 

11. Bonus item - heart bobble jumper: The image is from Dorothy Perkins but I actually saw this on Simply Be first. But polyvore doesn’t clip images from the site, so I snagged this photo from Dotty P. I had been eyeing this for a while now and a couple of days ago Simply Be were actually kind enough to offer to send this to me to try. There will be outfit photos with it soon, I promise! 

What are YOU coveting this Autumn/winter? 

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