Kiss me under flimsymoon

I took out some time during my fortnight of luuuuurve to prance around the apartment like a tit. Needless to say, the apartment isn’t mine – it’s a place my partner and I rented out for two weeks while he was here (yes it was amazing and we had a grand old time and I still look like ♡_♡)


I’ve been shopping a lot in my closet lately, since everything I’ve bought over the summer is languishing on top of my partner’s bookshelf till he comes over! And so frustrated did I get at the absence of oversized, drop waisted things in my life, I ended up DIYing this dress yesterday!

Talking to Flimsymoon

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me posting photos from Flimsymoon’s debut collection. I was introduced to Flimsyoon when designer/maker Freyia Lilian sent me a tweet way back in April.

Pattern Mixing

I’m totally out of spoons, so I’m low on wordiness today but here’s a bit of pattern mixing. The top is from Sugarhill Boutique a couple of summers ago, the skirt is old ASOS and the sandals are local.

Minimalist Heatwave

Frankly, it’s too hot here for anything other than minimal dressing. Early summer heatwaves in this part of India are traditionally relieved by late afternoon thunderstorms called Kalboishakis, but climate change has put an end to all that.

A Mad Tea Party

Continuing with the ladylike theme, here’s a lovely tea dress today! Being who I am though, I had to add something a bit eccentric to it, so I chose my gold brogues from Goldenponies instead of dainty heels.