A Day in the Life

My obsession with the 60s is back in full swing with the rediscovery of this vintage jacket. But unlike earlier iterations of this obsession, I want to leave behind Carnaby Street and Swinging London and venture in a more northerly direction this time.

Winter Inspiration

[ via Una Chaulafanita Especial ] I was having a look through my Pinterest fashion board today – it’s where I collect anything even remotely fashion related that inspires me, from product photos to outfit photos, art, vintage photography, anything! This is the kind of stuff that I’m currently fascinated with – shifts, smocks, oversized fits,

My Holiday Dress

There have been very few instances in my life where I’ve fallen in love at first sight, and this dress is one of them. This kind of complete, unquestioning sartorial love is rare for me – one of the drawbacks of having a mostly esoteric style – but when it happens, it’s beautiful and perfect like a teenage crush.

Riding Boots: 12 favourites

[Note: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions contained herein are all mine.] As far as trends are concerned, I couldn’t be less fussed. My style pretty much came together three years ago, and although there have been gradual evolutionary shifts since then, I still wear most things I’ve bought in the past 4 years. The major

Little house on the prairie

Although I have never personally consumed any of the Little House on the Prairie franchise, I was peripherally aware of it as a child obsessed with early century North American girl-themed literature. I made my way through the What Katy Did books and Pollyanna, the less popular Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Understood Betsy, and

Behind the Bikesheds

I finally got my wardrobe back from the Indian customs. Despite pocketing a bribe of $100 or so, they stole several things including almost all my jewellery (none of it precious), my doctor bag and a shearling aviator. There’s probably more stuff missing which I will discover the absence of as I organize everything into

Near Light

Does anyone else have one of those days when you pretty much hate every single outfit photo you’ve taken but redoing everything is way too much of a hassle, so you post them anyway? This is what happened with these. It was my first time shooting on my own with a tripod and since I

What Do I See When I Look In The Mirror?

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’’m still under the weather and nearly out of spoons for today, but I saved one last spoon for the What I See Project! Founded by Edwina Dunn, What I See is a not-for-profit project to help empower women – through answering the beguilingly simple question, “What do

Candy Noir

Oh, look, I am wearing black after almost 2 ½ years! Black is a colour I heartily detest since it takes me right back to my dieting days when I would swathe myself in ugly, black clothes, hoping to look thinner. My wardrobe contains only three black pieces these days, and this is one of

Why I stopped engaging with plus size media

Pretending you’re a model is all fun and games till someone gets hurt Considering that my chosen profession is firmly set in writerly realms now, it might seem strange that a few years ago, it was my life’s ambition to become a model. Infact, I had been harbouring those dreams since I was a teenager,