Riding Boots: 12 favourites

[Note: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions contained herein are all mine.]

As far as trends are concerned, I couldn’t be less fussed. My style pretty much came together three years ago, and although there have been gradual evolutionary shifts since then, I still wear most things I’ve bought in the past 4 years. The major changes seem to be a preference for minimal embellishment and short, shapeless things but not much apart from that, and lacy collars on velvet will forever make me swoon. Given my indifference towards trends, it might be surprising to note that with every season’s turn, I always find myself drawn towards certain styles, motifs or cuts only to discover a while later that they’re the fashion must have of the moment. I honestly have no idea why this happens. I’m quite possibly the least clued in person you’d find in fashion. I don’t read magazines and I have never felt inclined to browse through the reams of runway slideshows come fashion week. Yet, I always seem to unconsciously end up coveting the trendiest of trends every season. It happened with Peter Pan collars before Peter Pan collars “happened” (a recent excavation through my closet revealed a dress from 2009 with a sequin variant), and more recently, it happened with drop waists, tartan and – the theme for today – riding boots.

I somehow manage to forget the existence of boots every Spring, only to be reminded by Autumn that my wardrobe is worryingly short on this winter staple. I was greatly relieved this year to discover that the vintage stacked heel boots I bought a decade ago fit again, and are perfectly in tune with the kind of look I currently want. The thought of a true riding boot has been preying on my mind since last winter, and while my 70s beauties help satisfy that desire to a great extent, I can’t wait till I get my hands on a pair of oxblood leather equestrian boots. I guess I’ve finally gone and given into the “English Heritage” theme because all I can think of lately is quilting, corduroy, Mod, tweed, tartan and the rich sheen of leather. Kind of like a Wodehouse novel, but with Stephen Fry writing it.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite boots this season, ranging from classic equestrian styles to quilted, colourblocked and non leather variants in both standard and wide calf sizes. So if you, like me, have been looking around for the perfect riding boot, I hope you find this edit useful!

  1. Anne Klein Cijiw Boot from Zappos (Wide Calf, Leather)

  2. Pendleton Pierce Tall Boots from Pendleton (Standard Calf, Leather)

  3. Comfortview Janis Boot from Roaman’s (Wide Calf, Leather)

  4. Legroom Double Buckle Boot from Simply Be (5 Calf Sizes, Leather)

  5. Campbell Riding Boot from Avenue (Wide Calf, Man Made)

  6. Rosalie Riding Boot from Tory Burch (Standard Calf, Leather + Flannel)

  7. Evans Oxblood Leather Stirrup Riding Boots from Evans (Wide Calf, Leather)

  8. Comfortview Bency Riding Boot from Roaman’s (Wide Calf, Man Made)

  9. Reilly Double Buckle Riding Boot from Avenue (Wide Calf, Man Made)

  10. Beatty Over-Knee Equestrian Boots from Duoboots (Wide Calf, Leather)

  11. Evans Brown Stitch Seam Riding Boots from Evans (Wide Calf, Man Made)

  12. Rockport Tristina Circle Boot from Simply Be (Standard Calf, Leather)

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