It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now.

What Do I See When I Look In The Mirror?

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’’m still under the weather and nearly out of spoons for today, but I saved one last spoon for the What I See Project! Founded by Edwina Dunn, What I See is a not-for-profit project to help empower women – through answering the beguilingly simple question, “What do

Why I stopped engaging with plus size media

Pretending you’re a model is all fun and games till someone gets hurt Considering that my chosen profession is firmly set in writerly realms now, it might seem strange that a few years ago, it was my life’s ambition to become a model. Infact, I had been harbouring those dreams since I was a teenager,