My Holiday Dress

There have been very few instances in my life where I’ve fallen in love at first sight, and this dress is one of them. This kind of complete, unquestioning sartorial love is rare for me – one of the drawbacks of having a mostly esoteric style – but when it happens, it’s beautiful and perfect like a teenage crush. I had seldom seen anything like this dress by German brand Blutsgeschwister: so unabashedly, outrageously femme, so intricate in its attention to the tiniest details. Naturally, I was ecstatic when Modcloth generously offered to send it to me to try out, making my dreams of Alpine themed, Holiday perfection come true.

Modcloth remains one of the few places I can shop at from India after the government here thoughtfully decided to block all major international payment gateways including Paypal, Amazon and Google. Trying out any new online store is a stupidly anxious exercise for me these days, and since many of my old standbys have been rendered obsolete by this undoubtedly necessary new law, I would have been quite devastated if my favourite source for a vintage inspired fix had become inaccessible too. Thankfully, Modcloth now accepts international cards directly, making life a lot easier for me and anyone in a similar situation. They have also introduced free international shipping for orders of $150 and over  – it’s good to see a retailer who pays attention to their international clientele.

When I first unwrapped this dress, I was struck by how substantial it felt. The corduroy is stretchy, very fine wale and velvety to the touch yet thick enough to make it perfect for winter. There is always something so luxurious about dresses with linings that I cannot get enough of so I was delighted to discover the half lining on this one. It stops just below the bust which means that you get a super comfortable yet snug fit as the corduroy stretches to accommodate you. I’m honestly impressed by how well this dress fits me, almost like it was tailored for my body. I’m not very large busted for my size and I’m mostly belly and legs so I find it hard to get a good fit with tailored clothing. Sleeves in particular never seem to cover my wrists – something most tall and long limbed people will relate to – but as you can see, the cuffs here stop at the base of my palms, and that is just so terribly satisfying. I saw a review that mentioned some snugness across the waist for larger bellied people but despite having a pretty substantial middle, I didn’t really notice it. Possibly because I don’t really care about VBO. I love the Christmassy colours, the Bavarian theme, the careful attention to the minutest of details – this is one dress that is worth every penny of its price. 

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A Ferry to Remember Dress c/o Modcloth // Vintage 70s stacked heel boots

P.S. Before I forget, happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers who celebrate it!

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