Little house on the prairie

Although I have never personally consumed any of the Little House on the Prairie franchise, I was peripherally aware of it as a child obsessed with early century North American girl-themed literature. I made my way through the What Katy Did books and Pollyanna, the less popular Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Understood Betsy, and ofcourse, the Anne of Green Gables series around the time I was 9. When I unearthed this dress from the crate I had packed it in 6 months ago, memories of reading those books rushed through my mind. 

Of late, the “storybook” elements of my style seem to have taken over completely. I do have some less ridiculous outfits planned out, but for the time being I just want to dress in a way that I find comforting. This is one of the things I love most about fashion – the way dressing up can directly address your emotions. 

It’s so great how this dress blithely disregards every single commandment in the “plus size fashion rulebook”. It’s high necked, shapeless and super short to boot. In other words: perfect. I’ve been guilty of sticking mostly to flattering silhouettes for a long time in an endless reiteration of skater dresses, and it’s not like I have fallen out of love with them but I just don’t feel the need to emphasize my waist anymore. I don’t care about looking bigger than I am, I want to wear the same clothes I would have had I been a size 8 instead of a 14/16. Fat fashion rules and I have always had a rocky relationship and I feel glad thinking that they will never affect my style again. 

P.S. Check out my friend Michelle’s Wednesday Woman series where I’ve been featured this week! Thanks, Michelle! 

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Quilted dress, Pixie boots, 40s velvet beret: Vintage // Knee Highs: Sockdreams // Brooch: Stolen Thunder

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