Behind the Bikesheds

I finally got my wardrobe back from the Indian customs. Despite pocketing a bribe of $100 or so, they stole several things including almost all my jewellery (none of it precious), my doctor bag and a shearling aviator. There’s probably more stuff missing which I will discover the absence of as I organize everything into my storage units. It makes me mad to think of my things going to the wives and daughters of those pigs but hey, that’s what life’s like here when you are not rich and don’t have political connections. 

Anyway, unpacking my wardrobe, even in its diminished condition, proved to be an incredibly emotional experience. Smell memory is such a powerful thing and I was just assaulted by so many memories and emotions as I opened the crates and that distinctive First World smell that hits you as you land at Heathrow filled my apartment. It was like opening a time capsule. When I tried on my Ben Sherman peacoat to see if it fits now, I caught the faintest whiff of Benefit’s Caramellita, the perfume I wore through my first winter in England. I have struggled with memories of that winter every year since then – as soon as October hits, I fall into this cesspool of guilt and regret. But something happened recently which helped me take a fresh and brighter look at that time and I’m glad for it because without this fortuitous incident, unpacking my wardrobe would have been really difficult.

Since England has been so much on my mind lately, I decided to dress up in an English schoolboy/girl getup today. I’m surprisingly happy with how the photos turned out – I think I’m getting the hang of the tripod. I haven’t been able to stop smiling for the past few days which is a sea change from the way I have been for the past 6 months or so, and it feels really nice. I normally don’t smile in outfit photos because my mouth and teeth are kind of wonky but I really couldn’t keep the grin off my face today ♥

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Blazer: Asda (Similar in cord at Simply Be) // Shorts: New Look // Blouse: Darling via ASOS // Penny Loafers: Bass // Hat: Vintage Borsalino via Etsy // Tights: Levante

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