Near Light

Does anyone else have one of those days when you pretty much hate every single outfit photo you’ve taken but redoing everything is way too much of a hassle, so you post them anyway? This is what happened with these. It was my first time shooting on my own with a tripod and since I don’t have the remote yet, it was self timer skills all the way. Two old men on their morning walk stopped to ask me if I actually lived in the apartment block I was shooting in (I do) and asked me what I was doing. They weren’t rude or anything but it threw me off and now I’m worried that they will make life difficult for me because any sort of deviance from the norm is considered extremely suspect in India. On the bright side, if people don’t kick up a fuss, I can now shoot on a regular basis which means yay! More outfit posts. 

I’ve rediscovered my old love of Victorian inspired fashion since my last stylepost for Rookie and I thought it would be appropriate to return to blogging with an outfit that is classically me. Velvet, lacy collars, metallic brogues and a brooch ♥ 

I have been pretty contemplative lately – it helps with the anxiety – and one of my aids to contemplation is a liberal dose of neo/classical music. Olafur Arnalds’ Near Light has been stuck in my head for a while now and the cool, sun drenched autumn morning today, so typical of tropical winters, brought it to mind immediately ♥  

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Navy velvet playsuit – Topshop

Metallic leather brogues – Goldenponies via Calivintage giveaway

Stag brooch (collar pin) – eBay

Tights – Levante 

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