Autumn feels

As my favourite composer would say: my dear friends, I am here, with you! Sorry about the mini hiatus, guys, I was doing a bit of selfcare, and then I got really freaked out by the trolling I mentioned in the last post! For everyone who supported me through all the horribleness – thank you ♥

Some changes

I never wanted to be in the public spotlight, no matter how meagre. I have probably mentioned this a million times all over the Internet, but I am a very socially awkward, retiring sort of a person who functions best in one-on-one company.

Vintage Resources: Part One

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love wearing vintage. When you wear vintage, you are not only wearing something unique that no one else has, but also something that has been made with care and made to last.

On the necessity for real world fat communities

 Big Beach Bums, Brighton, 2011 Yesterday’s conversation with Marianne on Twitter got me thinking about the necessity for in person fat meets. Here are some of my thoughts, and an idea.  Before I went to Uni at the tender age of 19, I was the fattest person I had ever known. As a teenager, I

Dieting as privilege

An image comparing my visible, unintentional weightloss in less than a month.  **EDIT: I am not going to respond to comments on this post anymore, positive or negative. I think I have mentioned my mental health quite a few times on this blog, and elsewhere, so it’s hardly a secret, and I had a bad

Summer Light

Fun things to know about this shoot: Right after one of these photos was taken, I caught my foot in a massive hole in the ground and fell down. Thankfully my camera remained intact. Dress: ASOS// Bag: Modcloth// Necklace: Accessorize// Shoes: Office I bought this necklace last summer for a specific purpose. I was going

An Absence of Colour

When I pulled on my favourite mint hotpants today, I didn’t feel any different. I just felt happy that I was dressing up and was going to take some nice photos and feel better about my body image.

Brocade and Waterlilies

Location: Dhakuria Lake  Photography credits: My oldest friend in the world, Hailley. Thanks, dude!  Outfit details: Dress – Alice Takes A Trip // Sandals – ASOS (similar)