Summer Light

Fun things to know about this shoot:

Right after one of these photos was taken, I caught my foot in a massive hole in the ground and fell down. Thankfully my camera remained intact.

Dress: ASOS// Bag: Modcloth// Necklace: Accessorize// Shoes: Office

I bought this necklace last summer for a specific purpose. I was going to meet someone very dear to me who I affectionately call “Baa” – it annoys the fuck out of him and I love it. I had planned to wear it and annoy him some more. However, I forgot all about it on the day itself, and so here it is now! 

Incidentally, I’m having a lot of fun putting my fringe back and my hair up! What do you guys think? 

Look, mummy, there’s an airplane up in the sky! 

And lastly, this bag is the first thing in my wardrobe that I’ve bought with money I’ve earned. ♥  

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