Autumn feels

As my favourite composer would say: my dear friends, I am here, with you! Sorry about the mini hiatus, guys, I was doing a bit of selfcare, and then I got really freaked out by the trolling I mentioned in the last post! For everyone who supported me through all the horribleness – thank you ♥

Dress: Miss Patina// Loafers: Bass (similar) // Mouse ear Alice band: ASOS// Bag: Modcloth (similar)

And oh yeah, I have finally stopped with bras altogether. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was prompted after not being able to find my size even after being fitted twice. Wearing underwired pushup bras on a daily basis for just a few months has resulted in ugly scars on my sides which look to be permanent. And I am not even going into the discomfort issue. I came to a point where I realised that bras are just another form of shapewear, another way to make my body conform to normative ideals. Well, fuck that. These are what my boobs look like – they are saggy and lopsided and they are going to remain that way. I am done with pretending that I have an admirable rack – I don’t, and that’s how it is. Funnily enough, I don’t feel any less attractive – in fact, it feels great to see my boobs without support and think “Oh, I kind of don’t mind that at all.” I don’t want to pretend to have a body which I don’t just because I live in a world where all women are expected to have perfectly perky tits. It’s a myth, and a myth people shouldn’t have to stick to. Boobs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and levels of perkiness and this is the way mine are. These are my boobs with nothing but a comfy cotton bralet holding them up – an undergarment which I could finally wear all day with minimal discomfort. It’s perfect and I love it and I am NOT going back to bras ever again! 

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