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My obsession with the 60s is back in full swing with the rediscovery of this vintage jacket. But unlike earlier iterations of this obsession, I want to leave behind Carnaby Street and Swinging London and venture in a more northerly direction this time. When I coordinate an outfit, I always think of who it is that I want to dress as on that particular day. I’ve made up characters in my head since I was about 7 or so, and it’s only recently that I’ve started writing about some of them, but I’ve been emulating their style for a long time now.

With this outfit, my point of departure was Pink Floyd’s Scottish tour of 1967 where they played 5 gigs to a mostly disinterested audience and were, according to Nick Mason, billed alongside a local fruitcake contest. From there I went on to think of Trezza Azzopardi’s The Hiding Place, a book about growing up in 60s Cardiff. And both these things tied in so very neatly with the way northern England has been on my mind lately, so I wanted interpret Mod through their influences. I kept the palette muted and mostly monochromatic with navys and greys, a stark contrast to the bright primary colours of Space Age fashion. There’s a bit of Teddy Girl in there too as a nod to the hard femme side of my persona. I have loved pretty clothes for as long as I can remember but what I find most liberating about fashion is how it allows me to live a million lives in my reclusive, monkish one, and how it’s part of the same creative impetus that leads me to write. For me, this is the real beauty of fashion, its true strength.


Vintage 60s jacket// ASOS layering top// ASOS faux fur collar // Brixton Fiddler fisherman’s cap // New Look shorts// M&S tights// Office pixie boots

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