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I seem to get into these phases where I get fixated on one thing that I want to wear and then you basically have to wrestle me out of it. Right now, it’s my 60s donkey jacket. I have pretty much been wearing it with every single outfit, and what’s even better is that it goes with every single outfit. I tried something a bit different with my makeup today using the limited tools I have. This is the look it’s inspired by, and I’m not sure how far I got it right, but I consider it a valiant effort on my part. I have a lot of memories centered around this bobble beret/ tam and today felt like the perfect time to relive them ♥

And oh, before I forget: My London Retro giveaway ends today so please do enter for a chance to win a pair of very cool frames!


Dress: vintage// Jacket: vintage// Tights: c/o We Love Colors// Tam: Topshop// Bow brooch: ASOS// Gold brogues: Goldenponies via Calivintage giveaway

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