So take me back into your arms/ If you my love would win

My own Christmas is promising to be rather sparse and uneventful, but I’m comforting myself with hearty, wintry food, long conversations with loved ones who are too far away to celebrate with me otherwise, and dressing up. The best thing about not having a trend focused style is that there’ll always be something at the back of your closet, something that hasn’t seen the light of day in years, but something that you suddenly realise is perfect for your current look. I bought this vintage tartan dress in 2010 but it never really fitted me so it languished at the back of my wardrobe till recently. It’s still a bit too tight at the bust but I feel rather accomplished at all the DIY I have performed on it – from chopping off 4 inches at the bottom and hemming it, to making the sleeves roomier and fixing buttonholes. I’ve always been terrified of sewing, mostly because I simply cannot muster enough patience to do it properly, but the more I force myself to sew, the easier it gets! 

These tights were sent to me by Karen from Falbala. I first discovered this brand back in the summer when they followed me on Twitter, and I immediately fell in love with their hand embellished tights, hold ups, and stockings. At that point, they didn’t have a very extensive size range, so I asked Karen if there were any plans of expanding to larger sizes. She told me that she was looking into stocking larger sizes, and I’m glad to note that Falbala has lived up to that promise – the tights now go upto a UK 26 and the sheer stockings to a UK 32. The tights I chose don’t seem to be on the site currently, but there are other similar pairs. These don’t have a size label at the back, but I believe they are the ones that range from UK 8-14. I’m currently a UK 14 and these are just a teensy bit too small for me, not enough to slip down or be uncomfortable, but I’d recommend sizing up if you can. The quality is at par with similar tights I’ve bought on the UK high street in the past, and probably a bit thicker and softer – more like the ones I have from We Love Colors. The embellishment is absolutely gorgeous and very sturdy as well, which is great because my tights go through a bit of rough use. Overall, I’m really happy with these, and I predict they’ll be getting a lot of wear this winter. Thanks, Karen! 

While I have enough company and love this Christmas, even in my solitude, I have been through Christmasses in the past that were not so pleasant. Sian of Sort Life Out Buy Milk has compiled an incredibly useful and comprehensive list of resources in the UK that you can access through either the phone or IM should you find yourself lonely and depressed. For those outside the UK, this might help (h/t to Sian again for posting this on her Tumblr!) Being depressed and alone at a time of the year which is set aside for family and togetherness can be an emotionally draining experience – it has been for me in the past, and I hope that isn’t how it is for you who’s reading this now, but if it is, maybe this would also help. Above all, I wish all of you the loveliest Christmas (if you celebrate it) and very happy Holidays ♥

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Dress: Vintage // Tights: Falbala // Sequin slippers: ASOS (a few seasons ago) 

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