Talking to Flimsymoon

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me posting photos from Flimsymoon’s debut collection. I was introduced to Flimsyoon when designer/maker Freyia Lilian sent me a tweet way back in April.

Pattern Mixing

I’m totally out of spoons, so I’m low on wordiness today but here’s a bit of pattern mixing. The top is from Sugarhill Boutique a couple of summers ago, the skirt is old ASOS and the sandals are local.

Minimalist Heatwave

Frankly, it’s too hot here for anything other than minimal dressing. Early summer heatwaves in this part of India are traditionally relieved by late afternoon thunderstorms called Kalboishakis, but climate change has put an end to all that.

A Mad Tea Party

Continuing with the ladylike theme, here’s a lovely tea dress today! Being who I am though, I had to add something a bit eccentric to it, so I chose my gold brogues from Goldenponies instead of dainty heels.

Double Bluff

Sometimes I feel ladylike. Much as I love my schoolgirly outfits, sometimes it’s just fun to dress like I’m actually a functional adult.

After the storm

I think my recent absence needs no further explanation than the state of my leg. I thought for a long time, off and on, whether I should edit them out – my feelings about my scars are conflicted, to say the least, and it’s not my wish to trigger anyone who’s been in, or is going through a similar situation.

School’s Out

What do you do on days when your illnesses and the pain you live with make you feel like burrowing down under the covers and not resurfacing for a week? When just the thought of dressing up feels abhorrent, and all your bright, pretty clothes make you grimace at their cheeriness?