Vintage Resources: Part One

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love wearing vintage. When you wear vintage, you are not only wearing something unique that no one else has, but also something that has been made with care and made to last.

Summer Light

Fun things to know about this shoot: Right after one of these photos was taken, I caught my foot in a massive hole in the ground and fell down. Thankfully my camera remained intact. Dress: ASOS// Bag: Modcloth// Necklace: Accessorize// Shoes: Office I bought this necklace last summer for a specific purpose. I was going

An Absence of Colour

When I pulled on my favourite mint hotpants today, I didn’t feel any different. I just felt happy that I was dressing up and was going to take some nice photos and feel better about my body image.

Brocade and Waterlilies

Location: Dhakuria Lake  Photography credits: My oldest friend in the world, Hailley. Thanks, dude!  Outfit details: Dress – Alice Takes A Trip // Sandals – ASOS (similar) 


I wore tights in the middle of a tropical summer. It’s India, though, so I don’t believe I need to elaborate.

After the Rain

We had a teampage shoot at work today, done by yours truly, so my lovely colleague Madhurima and I went out to take a few more photos! Sadly people kept staring so we didn’t get a lot, but here’s a glimpse of a much more dressed down and everyday me, although still with makeup and a pretty dress on, which is not something I do at work everyday!


Rule 1 of wearing a skirt this length in Calcutta: have your own car or take a cab. I took a cab but I didn’t escape being harassed.

Monsoon in Calcutta

Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to hide in the clothes I’ve been wearing, but it really hasn’t been working. So for the past week or so, I’ve just started giving the middle finger to India and wearing what I want to.