Rule 1 of wearing a skirt this length in Calcutta: have your own car or take a cab. I took a cab but I didn’t escape being harassed.

Monsoon in Calcutta

Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to hide in the clothes I’ve been wearing, but it really hasn’t been working. So for the past week or so, I’ve just started giving the middle finger to India and wearing what I want to.

The Secret Garden

Here are the outfit photos that Mary took of me at the Plantation Gardens in Norwich! Being a Victorian garden tucked away in a hidden corner of town, the whole place really reminded me of ‘The Secret Garden’.

Through the rabbit hole

On Sunday I met the most amazing Mary of So Outrageous who had come to York for the weekend. Well, we met on Saturday as well, for drinks but it was on Sunday that we took these photos.

The last dregs of summer

These photos were taken on what was possibly the last day of summer, in more ways than one. This year I became enamoured with the idea of wearing a bra top, angry red stretchmarked belly notwithstanding.

specky git

yet another outfit that we shot while i was at canterbury. like with this outfit, i felt like a university student in the 40s with this one too! the dress is one of my greatest vintage finds in recent times. it is actually from the 40s and is in my size which is a bit


This was actually shot a week or so ago when I was still in Canterbury. I really didn’t have much to all day while I was there so I lay in bed and read and raided the fridge and pretended to be mousie while Paul worked in the other room. Being mousie was my chief