specky git

yet another outfit that we shot while i was at canterbury. like with this outfit, i felt like a university student in the 40s with this one too! the dress is one of my greatest vintage finds in recent times. it is actually from the 40s and is in my size which is a bit of a miracle. i paired it with my favourite new cardigan and unwittingly dressed in the colours of the american flag. still, i don’t think it looks tacky when offset with my yellow satchel. also, glasses! my eyes are so bad these days that i cannot see a foot beyond my own nose without the help of glasses. these are my constant companion now, except you never see them because i don’t think i look very good in them! i always wanted big geeky frames but now that i have them, i think they overwhelm my face a bit. which is surprising since i have a pretty large face! anyway, i thought that the frames went well with this outfit so here you have me – specky as they come!

the print is one of my favourite things about this dress. isn’t it lovely?

dress -vintage, 40s

cardigan – asos

satchel -asos

tights -asos

hat – vintage

shoes -vintage

glasses -london retro hoxton

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