Content to see my garden grow so sweet and full of someone else’s flowers

Something I hurriedly put together for a date. Then I strongarmed my date into taking photos for me while I preened in front of the camera. I have no idea what he thought. 

I had been looking for woolly cream tights since last winter, and I had no idea where to look. So when Tightsplease contacted me, asking me if I would do a review, it was a revelation, since I hadn’t known of any resource for plus size tights in the UK. Their plus size tights page, as I saw, had a selection of tights, although most of it is sheer. I had the choice between these Levante tights and the Falke ones, and they sent me these to review. Please note that I have not been paid for this and my opinions are unbiased and entirely mine. So what do I think of these tights? Well, I am sad to note that I am not really happy with them. They arrived within a day, which was nice, but as I opened the package I was assailed by a very strong scent. I don’t know why the tights are meant to be perfumed. What I liked at first sight were the cable pattern at the back and the cotton gusset. I have worn these tights on two separate occasions and these are my impressions: 

I am happy I got these for free because I would have hated spending 15 odd pounds on them. They are the right size (I got the tall) but on the first wear they kept slipping down. After the second wear the fabric around the gusset is thinning and there is a hole on the waistband. These were also really bad at keeping the cold out. I feel sorry to note that I will not be getting anything from Levante this range again. I will probably get the Falke ones instead. </review> 

Dres: Alice Takes a Trip// Coat: Topshop// Tights: Tightsplease// Shoes: M&S via ebay// Hat: Dalena Vintage// Improvised Hatpin: Giant Dwarf

A squirrel! 

These are my new walking shoes that I bought after my toe had started sticking out of my old ones. Red suede from M&S (!!) and <£8 on ebay!

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