Shades of Blue

When I saw this dress on ASOS I termed it ‘The Dream Dress’. Seriously, I have been dreaming of a dress like this for years. Long sleeves (which you can’t see), flared skirt, gold buttons, velvet Peter Pan collar. What’s not to love? I had been thinking of how to style this for a while, and I decided to go for varying shades of blue – teal, navy and royal blue. I was also lucky in that my date who shot these photos is a real photographer, and I was amazed by the difference in quality. He made me look so good! Sorry for going a bit overboard with the number of photos, I just can’t get over how nice I looked! I also left out the Photoshop filters this time out of deference to what I am sure the wishes of my photographer would have been, had be imposed such wishes on me. 

Dress: ASOS// Coat: New Look// Tights: ASOS// Shoes:ASOS// Hat: John Lewis

This is the first time in my life someone has actually taken a photo of me in which I am smiling naturally. I used to think it made me look horrible but I really like these photos! I also love what my hair is doing here, despite the fact that you can see my gray hairs (bloody heredity :/), I think blowdrying with this length really works. 

Sequin slippers!

Gray hair 🙁 It’s funny, I don’t like it very much but I am not inclined to do anything about it either. 


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