The (not so) Little Princess

maaaaan, it’s been ages since i last posted! however in that time i have moved to a different country i’d never been in before, started living away from home for the first time and gone from being a lazy pothead to a full time grad student, among other things. whoa! expectedly the shopping here in

Summer Staples

my search for the perfect denim shorts has been long and epic, worthy of song. consequently these have now become a wardrobe staple of mine, i have been wearing them everywhere! the same goes for the clogs – seriously they are the most comfortable shoes i own. i wasn’t very fond of the idea when


i’ve been waiting to wear these bloomers for a long time – so glad it’s the middle of summer now and i can wear shorts all the time! shorts are definitely some of my favourite articles of clothing and these pink silk bloomers one of my favourite pairs. i paired them with this vintage blouse


i’m always on the hunt for cute shorts and i had my eye on these for a long time before i finally got them. the print is adorable. it’s slightly reminiscent of the miu miu prints that are everywhere right now (sadly enough i really hated the collars, and the shoes did nothing for me,

Rain and wasps

i actually dug out this dress while looking for something else to wear and ended up wearing it instead! it’s an old dress from dorothy perkins which i bought last year and which has been languishing in my closet ever since. but no more! the best thing about this dress though is the back. i

I love indie designers Alice Takes A Trip ever since I discovered them randomly while browsing ebay. They recently launched their new collection and i love all of it. the novelty prints are what really caught my eye. i rarely wear skirts but seem to be developing more of an affinity towards them of late.

1. Jersey top by joe browns. it might not be long enough to wear as a dress but i love the idea of layering something just an inch or so longer underneath it. 2. lipsy headband. i seem to have developed a special recent fondness for headbands. the gold vines on this one are perfect.