Once more unto the breach

well. hello there, gentle reader, and if you are here from my old blog, hello again 🙂

i’ll mostly be blogging here about fashion – that is, fashion as i think it. i’m mostly crap at following trends and just tend to follow my own script in my head. i love vintage clothing and my style is somewhat loli inspired and mostly theatrical. if i could live in a world of my choice i’d be dressing in extremely flamboyant costumes all day everyday. i think my sartorial choices do reflect that. i am also fat. i don’t let that affect what i want to wear. it is a truth universally acknowledged that size has nothing to do with style. i also believe that in the end the fact that i spend that much more effort hunting down cute things in my size just makes me a more inventive dresser than i otherwise would have been. so, without further ado, here’s a recent outfit.

i have a special fondness for vintage/vintage look dresses in cream/ivory and usually with an overpouring of lace. this one’s from anthropologie and actually made of real silk which i just l.o.v.e. because really, opulence, mm. i love how it feels against my skin and is ever so slightly rustle-y. the headband i made myself out of an old necklace and the shoes are old and slightly too small – thank god for open toes! when i wore this i felt much like this, after the manner of uncle fred, of course 😛

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