The Rose Gardens

For today’s shoot we went to the rose gardens in Canterbury. It’s a lovely place, right next to the river (canal?) and I daresay it is lovelier in the summer. I tweeted about this dress a while ago. It’s a vintage number from the 80s which I scored for £5 at the vintage sale at

the ducks are back!

aaand the ducks are back! i am at macclesfield now and we were lucky enough to have a canal right next to the house and since i miss my watery locations, we decided to take some photos there. i have mentioned this coat on twitter before. it’s from topshop and was bought in a fit

The Christmas Robin

it’s christmas! it’s really sad that this year i am spending christmas alone, but i was lucky enough to be with my boyfriend for part of christmas eve. on a sidenote if you are spending christmas alone as well, check out the #xmasathome hashtag on twitter. to get into the festive mood i decided to

Oh so kawaii

Considering my old wardrobe is mostly obsolete after going from a size 16 to a 18, I am now busy building it up again, bit by bit, and that too on a student budget. I had my eye on this dress for almost half a year but I never knew that it actually came in

Fall Colours

Oh look! A new post! Needless to say I am back in the UK again and have no shortage of locations and so blogging is interesting again. One of the things I am on the search for this winter are coats in bright jewel colours. Being a newly acquired size 18, this is most difficult

The Fisherman’s Basket

so! i am back home in calcutta and outfit posts are thin on the ground. there also have been quite a few other changes on the blog since i last posted. not being in the uk means that the places where i can photograph my outfits are incredibly limited and so i have to resort

Absolute Japan

the print on these shorts reminds me of the japanese prints that the impressionists were so influenced by, especially hokusai’s celebrated the great wave. looking at it reminds me of a quote from van gogh, one of the impressionist painters most influenced by japan (although it was hiroshige he was chiefly influenced by) in one

Midsummer Common

today we tried out a different choice of location -midsummer common! although i miss the cows that were grazing there a month or so ago, it still is a lovely place. the playsuit is from hobbs and the first thing i own by them. i quite simply love their aesthetic and it’s a pity that

Rainy Day

this was probably our most truncated shoot till date, thanks to the fact that it started raining halfway through! i was glad of my new old trench, a brilliant find from brighton for only £5! i had been looking for a classic trench for a very long time and i even used to have one

Big Beach Bums

on saturday i went to brighton for big beach bums, a blogger meetup, as i mentioned in my last post. much fun was had that day by us all and i hope we can do it again sometime in the future!

Brighton Rock

yesterday, i travelled to brighton for bigbeachbums, a blogger meetup oganized by kirsty wherein we went thifting in brighton’s vintage heaven and had a lovely time! it’s a pity more people could not make it but it was great meeting claire and rebecca and nadia, and ofcourse kirsty! i thrifted a gem of a trench