Best of 2011

1. i wandered lonely as a cloud

hello gentle reader! seeing the ‘best of’ posts everywhere, i thought i might do one as well! these are the five outfits (and one more) which i most loved on me this year. it’s funny to look at the photos from earlier in the year and see how much my body and face have changed. i sometimes can’t recognize myself in the thinner me earlier in the year. i know i don’t talk about it much on this blog but the principles of fat acceptance have been one of the cornerstones of my life since 2007. so while a part of me still wishes for that thinner version of me, i know by now that that is a dangerous wish. however, unlike before, it does  not send me spiralling down into a pit of despair, because while i think i look very different, i don’t think it is necessarily better. it’s just…different. more than my body. its my face that i see the changes in. my double chin is more prominent and my cheeks have filled out. but i don’t think i look bad because of it. just different. years ago, all my new year resolutions used to begin with the mandatory fat girl resolution – to lose weight. and although i have gained two dress sizes in this year, partly through being on birth control and partly through eating normally again after an unintentional diet, that will not be one of my resolutions. instead i will resolve to work through my mental health issues and finish my MA in a way i can be proud of and be a better daughter, dog mother, friend and girlfriend, not to mention a better blogger! i think those are resolutions worth trying to keep. so thank you everyone, for all your support, and i hope you have a lovely 2012.

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2. brighton rock

3. midsummer common

4. the time traveller’s orphan lovechild

5. working girl

bonus! fall colours

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