Rule 1 of wearing a skirt this length in Calcutta: have your own car or take a cab. I took a cab but I didn’t escape being harassed. And by that I don’t even mean the blatant stares. I was just entering my house and closing the gate when these two guys walked past, one of them looking viciously at me and screaming “fuck you, fuck you, man.” I think he meant that very literally. I was angry and scared and gave him the finger and went inside and locked the door behind me. I am scared to think of what it would have been like had I not been standing near my own front door and instead been some place I am not familiar with. I am angry and I am weary. But here are some pretty pictures.¬†

Everything is stuff I have worn before.

Top: Topshop// Skirt: ASOS// Shoes: Office// Cambridge Satchel// Giant Dwarf Headband 

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