Late at night, I call my long distance lover

The temporary springiness of the past week has turned into an unexpected cold snap – all grey and rainy and depressing. It took me the day after Valentine’s day to wear something heart-themed, but I’ve been cosying up in this jumper all winter anyway. I did have a rather lovely Valentine’s day, though, despite the fact that my partner lives on a different continent and we have to make do with Skype until the next time we meet. So much of long distance love is about longing and heartache that makes absolutely no sense to most people, but that’s what love is, in general, I think. It’s not easy or convenient, you have to work at it everyday, and it changes you irrevocably. But when it does, it redeems you, and eventually there comes a day when you wake up in the morning and want to cry for joy because you feel alive after so long, and then nothing else matters. Because you’ve found your one in 7 billion, and nothing else matters. 

[The title of this post is from this beautiful poem by Jeffrey McDaniel ♥ ] 

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Dress: ASOS //   Jumper: c/o Simply Be //   Collar: China (available on Aliexpress) //   Knee socks: ASOS //   Vintage monk shoes (And yes, I pretty much refuse to have anything on my legs/feet apart from these anymore!) 

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