Disclaimer: this is not a onesie. This is a vintage jumpsuit that somehow looks like a onesie…? It was not the intended effect, but then again, I never quite figured out how to be entirely comfortable in trouser-like things. Years without contact with anything approximating trousers had faded my memories of them somewhat – and I was NOT happy to discover that they are as annoying as ever. I do have a pair of jeans that I pull on over my boxers when I need to go buy milk or something, but they are the most singularly ill-fitting garment, and I try not to judge any other by their failings.

I’ll never make that mistake again. Back to the dresses and skirts with me!  



Vintage jumpsuit from Beyond Retro, Brighton // Sockdreams socks // John Lewis school hat // Vintage pixie boots // Thrifted coatigan //

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