Summer Dreams

There was something niggling at the back of my mind when I pulled out this blouse and pinny from my closet but I simply couldn’t put my finger on it. It was only while editing the photos later that I realised that I had ended up wearing something very similar to this summer 2012 outfit by Calivintage! Erin has singularly been one of my biggest style inspirations since I discovered her blog in late 2009, so I see it as a sort of subconscious homage. I’ve been rediscovering pieces in my wardrobe which I haven’t worn in ages, but which somehow seem to translate perfectly to current trends, I guess. A corduroy pinafore? Nailed it. 

Although I shampooed the night before these photos were taken (I’m temporarily back to ‘poo washes’ and olive oil deep conditioning while I switch from baking soda to reetha) this is what ‘no-poo’ makes my hair look like with airdrying and no products. I guess I could tame the remaining frizziness with a few spritzes of coconut oil solution and heat styling, but honestly, I just LOVE the way my hair is finally falling into its natural waves. My ultimate goal is to have long, flowing, wavy, hippie hair ♥  


Blouse, cord pinny, tights, beret, faux fur collar: ASOS // Pixie boots: Vintage // Bag: Aliexpress // Faux fur tail: H&M 

Get the look>> 

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