Living my colour with Tabbisocks

Last year, I styled a few colourful looks for Tabbisocks’ Live Your Color blog and talked about things close to my heart like how I always need to have greenery in my flat, and rummage sales at the winter fairs of Calcutta. You can see more photos and read the whole interview here!

January has been off to quite a slow start for me, and a little bleak after all the end of year bustle and excitement. Isn’t that always the case? So I’m adding a bit of colourful inspiration to this famously dreary month, to make it a little cosier *coughcough hygge* instead.

Photos by Taha Zaidi.

Look 1 ♥ Bespoke dress ♥ Tabbisocks clear star socksASOS block heels

Look 2 ♥ Bespoke dress ♥ Tabbisocks cable over the knee socksMustard leather bag ♥ ASOS clogs

Look 3 ♥ Vintage dress ♥ Tabbisocks evening garden crew socksEclectic Eccentricity rings

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