Plus Size Winter Coats

Do you know what’s the one thing I miss the most about living in a colder climate? All the winter outerwear. Even in Bangalore’s infamously pleasant climate, it’s rarely colder than jacket or sweater weather. And I appreciate that, with all my heart! It’s a far cry from the sweltering yearlong heat I was used to in Calcutta. At the same time, whenever coat weather rolls around, I find myself staring wistfully at swathes of faux fur and tweed. The exciting news is, my fiance visa application is currently being reviewed by whatever bureaucratic nightmare arm of the UK government that’s in charge of such things, and all going well Owen and I will finally be reunited once and for all! ♥ And amidst the multitude of thoughts running through my head about the possible move, among the hopes, fears, anxieties and possibilities, is the thought that I might be ending this winter in full blown coat weather. Naturally, I’ve been admiring current season plus size coats from a distance. Practical coats, luxurious coats, warm woolly coats, casual faux fur coats. My outerwear pieces are long overdue for a upgrade and I’ve naturally been window shopping. Here’s my most comprehensive selection of plus size winter coats for autumn/winter 2017/18.  

All items are tagged left to right and clockwise.

Embroidered coats

1. Dolly & Delicious Plus Premium Embroidered Wrap Front Coat With Fluffy Trim Detail

2. Hell Bunny Northern Glory Fit and Flare Coat

3. Studio Metallic Embroidered Cape

Military coats

1. Studio Military Colorblock Coat

2. Studio Bow Detail Coat

3. Double Breasted Borg Coat

Fur collar coats

1. Premium Fit & Flare Coat

2. Curves Tan Faux Fur Collar Double Breasted Coat

3. Dolly & Delicious Plus Premium Embroidered Oversized Coat With Fluffy Trim Detail

Faux fur coats

1. Tricolor faux fur coat

2. Plus Size Longline Faux Fur Jacket

3. Faux Fur Coat With Bow Tie

4. Appliqué faux-fur coat

5. ASOS CURVE Midi Coat in Pelted Faux Fur

Hooded coats

1. Green wool hooded winter coat

2. Wine red long hooded coat

3. Once Upon a Thyme Coat in Basil

4. Plus Size Faux Fur Hooded Coat

Seasonal colour coats

1. Wool coat by Persona

2. Drama Sleeve Coat

3. Wine red faux fur coat

4. Belted Plaid Coat with Wide Collar

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