Sparkly New Year

And it’s 2015 already. I think last year was one of the rare ones I can personally look back on and feel happy about. Happiness is a state that makes me lazy and complacent but it’s rather amazing. And I could wish for nothing better than more of it this year. So the happiest 2015 to everyone who’s reading this! 

My partner and I saw out the old year by going on our first dinner date in 4 years, and then falling asleep to the Hobbit. Which is probably the most exciting new years eve has ever been for either of us. I was a bit sparkly, maybe a lot sparkly but I wanted to wear my pretty new barrette from my mum in law, and I based the rest of the look around it. The dress is an old Modcloth one which I haven’t worn in a couple of years, and the collar is last summer’s by Johnny Loves Rosie. I was so exhausted by the time we came back, I didn’t even attempt any proper outfit photos! But I love how these turned out anyway, don’t you? 

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