Sunset Hues (I’m Getting Married?!)

Last ever ootd in this location because I’m moving house next week. I’m going to have my own little rooftop apartment now which is super exciting and a bit scary too because moving is always scary. I can’t wait for my forever home but I guess this is the penultimate step towards it because my final move next year will be into my fiance’s arms and to me, he’s home.

Yes, I’m getting married and while part of me kind of wanted to make that announcement with the now traditional ‘ringfie’ (what an ugly word) we’re going to have to wait a couple of months for that. After all, our relationship is conducted under the watchful eye of the UKBA, and they do not approve of our sort of love, not in the least. And THAT was the grumpiest sounding engagement-announcement in living memory *mic drop*


Old ASOS pinafore // Old Topshop scalloped top // DIY floral crown from Accessorize braid flowers // ASOS men’s plimsolls

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