Valentine’s Gift Guide

For the lazy and the rushed.

01/ Herschel Passport Case for the travellers and the wanderlustful (which isn’t actually a word.)

02/ Posies & Co. Body Oils, so much classier than your average massage oil.

03/ This heart marquee lamp for your sanctuary together.

04/ Anna Sui Star Lipsticks for the makeup fan with romance at heart. 

05/ Mr. Natty Beard Kit for the whiskery ones with a love of grooming.

06/ Brit Stitch leather heart bags for the fashion forward cutie. (P.S. The accessories are available to buy individually as well!) 

07/ This paper garland, because what better occasion to gift something pretty and frivolous that doesn’t scream of necessity? 

08/ Heart Headphone Splitter to (re)ignite those teen romance vibes, no matter your age! 

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