Park Life

Wearing ♥ Dress c/o Love Lianca ♥ Favourite fringe jacket by Pussycat London {similar here} ♥ New Look Sandals {similar here} ♥ Vintage Bag 

It’s not often that I do a bit of print mixing but this instance was so serendipitous, I just had to. Although I love a good print with all my heart, combining them just makes me feel visually confused. I see so many of my favourite bloggers pairing and clashing any number of prints with panache, but everytime I think of mixing patterns, I become a little too obsessed trying to get it exactly right. Maybe that’s the key – NOT getting it exactly right. It’s only when I figured that this cute summer smock and my old fringe jacket both have similar Ikat-inspired prints that I knew I had to wear them together. This outfit’s simple enough to throw on and walk out of the door in but importantly, also very cute. The dress was sent to me by Lianca of Love Lianca boutique, an independent boutique which stocks plus size brands and cute summer staples like this one! Lianca is also a sweetheart who’ll help you out with sizing if you’re confused (like I was!) The rest of the outfit is stuff I wear all the time (seriously, I’ll have worn out the sandals by the end of summer…) I thought the darker lips (Mac Diva) went very well with this look!

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