A mini home tour with Booking.com

It’s been a few months since we’ve moved to our new place and doing it up between everyday work and wedding planning has been slow! Our living room is probably the closest to completion since we spend the bulk of our time there, and today I’m sharing a few glimpses into it in collaboration with Booking.com home. When Owen and I first got together, we’d always talk about our future home together and how we’d like to do it up. Even though this is just our first apartment, I wanted it to feel like *us*, like the bohemian lair we’d been dreaming of! Having lived in small, studenty places for far too long, we wanted a flat that looked and felt like the kind of spaces we’d pin on Pinterest or want book a vacation in. Something more than just functional, somewhere where we could do terribly grown up things like host dinner parties and have guests over because we finally have enough room now!

In this vein, I also wanted to talk about how easy it is to monetize extra space in your home by listing as a vacation rental online. We don’t own our house, but if you do, you can easily make some extra income on the side by listing it on Booking.com as a vacation apartment. Owen and I have actually been browsing through flats on Booking.com for our Amsterdam honeymoon, and we’ve found so many cosy, bohemian, out of the ordinary spaces! While some of these are B&Bs or serviced apartments, there are many private houses and flats as well. A lot of people prefer to let out their homes while on vacation, essentially just making money from a house that would have otherwise sat empty. This works out really well if you’re someone who tends to travel a lot and your house stays empty in the interim. That way, you can also earn a bit to set aside for your next trip! Want to give this a shot? Head over to Booking.com and list your own accommodation now. Or if you are already planning your summer escape, here is £25 off your accommodation on your trip!

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