Design Inspiration for my Wedding Dress

I can’t believe it’s the second week of June already! My wedding is almost here and like with every major event, I’m in complete denial about it and probably will be until we get to Scotland and I start hyperventilating. I spent the weekend sewing up unfinished hems on my wedding dress and it’s all ready for a clean and polish before the big day. After spending months and months last year looking for the perfect wedding dress that we could actually afford, I took the plunge and decided to design it myself! I wanted something reminiscent of Edwardian lawn dresses but since they only come in teeny tiny sizes, the vintage option was ruled out pretty early on. I came across a few modern pieces that were close to perfect but ultimately not ‘the one’. So finally, I gathered together all my design inspiration and sat down with a sketchbook and pen. It took 3 or 4 iterations before I had something I could take to my tailor in Bangalore and hash out the final design with him.

Seeing the dress hanging in the hallway now, I so wish I could share it with you all right now but I’m going to make myself wait till after the wedding when we have our proper wedding photos. While I go through a frenzy of last minute wedding prep (Macrame backdrop! Wedding cake! Grooming day! Vows!) I wanted to share some of the design inspiration I used for my dress. I dreamed of creating something light and floaty, a little old fashioned without being frumpy, something ethereal, the kind of dress you wouldn’t really find in a bridal boutique, a dress I could preserve and hand down to my child someday. And I think I might just have managed to pull it off! Below are some of the dresses I had on my  moodboard during the design process – a few are antique, others are modern pieces by independent designers that you can buy, many of them are in plus sizes. If you’re looking for wedding dress inspiration that’s a little different from the usual fare, well, here it is!

By L’Amei Bridal

By Dreamers and Lovers Bridal

By Milamira Bridal

Vintage Edwardian dresses via Love My Dress and Chic Vintage Brides 

By Anna Skoblikova Bridal

By Katya Katya Bridal

By Nalini Shop

Vintage Edwardian dresses via The Joyful Fox and Heavenly Vintage Brides  

By Martin McCrea Couture

Bryonys photography

By Be My Bride Bridal 

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  1. I have been looking for something like this from a long time, finding a bridal blouse design is so hard when you are not living in India, my wedding is in 3 months and we’ve decided to have 2 ceremonies as I am an Indian and my fiance is Canadian. Your blog is just like an inspiration for my Christian wedding gown!!

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