I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Using fashion as a way of ‘writing back’ sartorially, so to speak, is one of the things I love most about dressing up. For instance, today I felt like a student at Cambridge in the 40s. Being an Indian woman, I don’t believe this could have been historically likely, but dressing like I could have, like I could have been my grandmother, maybe, if history had afforded her such opportunities, makes me feel more connected to not just my past, but a past that I can endlessly refashion and reappropriate to suit my own needs as a postcolonial subject trying to take charge of her brownness.¬†


Dress (worn as a top): Asos//  Skirt: Asos // Loafers:Office // Satchel: The Cambridge Satchel Company // Hat: Vintage from Fabgabs on Etsy

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