Look outside/ I know that you recognise/ it’s summertime

i have been rather lax about outfit posts the last few months – in my defence, i went back to india for a while and did not have anyone to do outfit shoots with. however, not in my defence is the fact that my sister, who is a brilliant photographer, wanted to do a shoot with me but i was too lazy. so yes, in the end, the truth is that i have been a lazy little thing. 

this was really a rather impromptu little shoot. i was wearing a different skirt when i went out, and then i went into primark and got this. so my boyfriend and i decided to take some photos!

i love how the skirt flares. i would ideally like to wear it with a petticoat. 

i used the belt from the skirt as a hair tie! my hair is getting a bit longer now. soon i’ll be able to have a bob again!

top – topshop

skirt – primark 

belt -primark

brogues -asos

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