Shady Way

This outfit consists of two sorely neglected items in my wardrobe which have been sitting there since last summer when i bought them. i fell in love with the idea of crop tops last year but it wasn’t until now that i actually have worn one! again, most people who deal out ‘fashion advice’ would strongly suggest against fat girls wearing crop tops but like i have said before, i care very little about such things. so, fat girl belly love! i have also been looking for the perfect chambray shirt for a while now (and ending up with nothing 🙁 ) so while i’m on the hunt this sweet little crop top will do very well indeed! the skirt is from alice takes a trip, one of my favourite indie boutiques. i am constantly in love with everything they do! i love the rich velvet on this one and the tapestry print.

the sunnies are from new look. now, sunglasses are something i have never ever worn in my life, but i somehow fell in love with this pair when i saw them in the shop. i’m still now sure how i feel about them, so they might need a few more wears before i come to a conclusion!

crop top – dr. denim via ASOS

skirt –alice takes a trip

bag -primark

clog sandals –office

sunglasses -new look

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