Autumn in the Woods

Wearing ✶ Primark suedette trucker jacket (Similar here in corduroy) ✶ Primark forest green sweater dress (Similar here) ✶ Mustard yellow beret ✶ Primark mustard yellow check scarf (Similar here) ✶ Crazy horse leather crossbody bag ✶ Old Tabio woolly tights (Similar here) ✶ Clarks oxfords ✶

The forest is transformed in autumn. We went down to Hedley Woods the other day to get some autumn colour and found a brooding, fairytale landscape. The sunset especially was spectacular. I wore some of my new bits from Primark, and was I glad I layered up by the end of the day! This scarf is my new favourite accessory – it reminds me of my granddad a bit so I ended up wearing it the way he would have!

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