The Time-Travellers’ Orphan Lovechild

Or my Valentine’s day outfit. i decided to steer away from the usual cliches of red and pink and stick to something that i love. enter my vintage rothschild coat. now from what google tells me, rothschild used to (and still) always make coats for children. i can occasionally find one on etsy in a

PlusLondon: What I wore

on sunday morning, the boy and i hit the parks at cambridge (where i ran away to) where we shot pictures of my outfit from the day before. i was too shy on saturday to ask anyone to take pictures of my outfit, so the next day it was! i switched the brogues-that-killed-my-feet for my

PlusLondon: Daytrip!

on saturday i established myself as the worst fashion blogger in the history of fashion blogging at pluslondon when i essentially ran away from the evening party in favour of warm showers and footrubs, among other things. i had an amazing time during the day, though, and i only wish i wasn’t too tired to make it till the evening!

Working Girl

having suffered from a complete and utter lack of people to photograph me (and not wanting to go the tripod and self timer route again), outfit posts have admittedly been very thin on the ground of late. hopefully this should be rectified soon! this is a pretty good example of how i have been dressing

I’m a mocker

this outfit reminds me of the 60’s so much! it’s probably the bright mustard yellow with the black peter pan collar – such mod colours! the tights are actually navy, although the pictures make them look the same colour as my black gloves. for me the combination of navy and bright yellow is something that

The (not so) Little Princess

maaaaan, it’s been ages since i last posted! however in that time i have moved to a different country i’d never been in before, started living away from home for the first time and gone from being a lazy pothead to a full time grad student, among other things. whoa! expectedly the shopping here in

Summer Staples

my search for the perfect denim shorts has been long and epic, worthy of song. consequently these have now become a wardrobe staple of mine, i have been wearing them everywhere! the same goes for the clogs – seriously they are the most comfortable shoes i own. i wasn’t very fond of the idea when


i’ve been waiting to wear these bloomers for a long time – so glad it’s the middle of summer now and i can wear shorts all the time! shorts are definitely some of my favourite articles of clothing and these pink silk bloomers one of my favourite pairs. i paired them with this vintage blouse


i’m always on the hunt for cute shorts and i had my eye on these for a long time before i finally got them. the print is adorable. it’s slightly reminiscent of the miu miu prints that are everywhere right now (sadly enough i really hated the collars, and the shoes did nothing for me,